Friday, May 8, 2009

Canada break H1N1 pig flu DNA gene

WHO will decide the vaccine production volume next week, they estimate States orders at least 600 millioin pieces.

Pig flu (Human H1N1 flu) threaten the whole world recently, the second wave will erupts after the autumn, all countries are hurry up to develop the vaccine.

Canada obtained the breakthrough on 6-May-2009, the leading countries to completes the new flu virus gene sorting, it was helpful to develop the vaccine.
In order to produce mass volume of this new flu vaccine, there is a need to reduce the common seasonal flu vaccine production volume. WHO will hold a meeting to discuss the decision on 14-May-2009.
The Canadian microbiology laboratory announced that, they has completed three viral samples of the complete gene sequence analysis. They already upload the gene atlas to the international gene database.

All scientist in the word can start the research at once , grasps the viral's operation mechanism and research the virus source. It is helpful on the vaccine development work and estimated that the vaccine can be produce in early November 2009.

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