Tuesday, May 12, 2009

1/4 patient's towel with vomit defecate can also spread disease

The world's medical profession has been disintegration of the characteristics of swine influenza virus and the power of spread, the United States Center for Disease Control warned that when the virus broke out in some areas of avian influenza, there may be genetic variants of the mixtures. They found that most of the United States is the young people infected, only 5% of patients over 51 years old, a quarter of patients vomit defecate; In addition to the spread of droplets, the contact with used towels, blankets are the risks of infection. U.S. CDC National Center for Immunization and respiratory Anne Schuchat concern that the swine flu in the United States has not the mainstream of influenza virus, but may be related to the popular H3, and alpha-alpha to gene shuffling H1N1 influenza virus variants after Treatment of drug resistance may occur because of the general type of the H1N1 virus resistant to Tamiflu over 90%. She also warned that once the swine flu outbreak in the avian flu region and become active, there may be associated with the avian flu virus H5N1, although the avian flu is not an effective person to person, but its high toxicity, together with the influenza virus mixtures, it can not ignore the two variants of the problem that may arise.

Only 5% of patients over 51-year-old

After the outbreak of H5N1 avian influenza in Hong Kong 1997, there is an only bird infected case in recent years. But the Mainland, Vietnam and Indonesia, while human still been infected. In addition, the "New England Journal of Medicine" published about United States a total of 41 patients with data analysis of 642 patients from three months up to 81-year-old range, over 40% is young people of aged 10-18, only 5% patients aged over 51 years of age. In addition to their symptoms of fever and cough, the one quarter who were suffered from diarrhea and vomiting symptoms, so in addition to prevent the spread of droplets, the virus can also spread through the feces, the patient used towels, sheets and blankets will be droplets and fecal contamination with a virus. Recent data showed that the spread of swine flu can be symptoms from the illness to illness the day before the seventh day, but the researchers pointed out that the young, people with low immunity, and seriously ill patients, and its broadcast time may be longer affected, at present, experts are still studying the spread of the virus in patients and there is no conclusion right now.

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