Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cabin Toilet, the most high-risk to spread Swine Flu

China's outbreak of swine flu cases came from other countries, the public concerned about the epidemic passenger plane once again, and the spread of the virus problem in the cabin.

The outbreak of swine flu in humans has no travel warning, where is the most saftey position inside the plane?

LO Wing-lok, a specialist of infectious diseases in Hong Kong pointed out that although the cabin ventilation system to operate independently from the top to bottom, but if patients move around, the virus will continue to spread, and the toilet is the most high-risk areas, "Passengers are cough and sneeze inside the toilet without any protection, there must be full of germs, and then other passengers get caught easily. "

Lo Wing-lok also pointed out several rows of seats before and after patients is high-risk areas also. "There have been documented reported that patients with ordinary flu transmission area can be up to as much as before and after the five-row. A class from Hong Kong to Beijing flight during SARS, more patients with infections as far as seven rows of passengers. "Therefore, he suspected if trace only three rows of passengers before and after patients with the controversial area. Should we seat facing the wall?

Lo Wing-lok means that it may not be the most secure, because "If patients sitting behind you, it is easy being affected, unless if you go with your family and occupy a few rows of seats, and it will be more cautious when you sit facing the wall andnext to baby seat. "

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