Monday, April 27, 2009

"Pig flu" the name misleading public grades

[Newspaper news] The international expert and the World Health Organisation yesterday to state, the whole world uses the pig flu now (Swine Flu) the name was not correct, because the major part case only had nothing to do with with the pig, the name misled the public to think actually this got sick from the animal infection, the request rectifies names is the H1N1 flu virus or North America flu. The online publication "ProMED" state that, this virus for armor HIN1, combined with the pig flu the gene, but the flu only infects the humanity, the patient has not contacted the pig only to catch an illness, therefore should be called the H1N1 flu virus. The World Health Organisation also mention, it still only has not temporarily separated this kind of virus in the animal like pig, therefore it is not suitable called the pig flu, so they request to take erupts the area of the name as the North America flu (North American influenza).

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