Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Injection vaccine is helpful to differentiate the pig flu

Pig flu is spreading out seriously, family doctors remind the resident to protect them, they must have seasonal flu vaccine injection. They also remind the maids employer, lets their maids have a vacation in weekdays, in order to avoid too many hirelings gather, and prevent increase infection risk.

Family doctor Dr. Kwan indicate that, although the injection seasonal flu vaccine cannot prevent the pig flu, but it can reduce the chance to infects the present flu , once pig flu spread out, it is helpful for doctors to differentiate the common flu and pig flu. The resident should wash the hands frequently, and also should wear the face mask, because “many people cough sneeze over the street”. The disinfectant rug should locate in the main entrance, and clean shoe sole before back home.

The resident must have the enough rest and proper diet, absorbs enough vitamin and the mineral substance. The employer should discuss with the maid that, lets them have a vacation in weekdays (instead of Sunday), “makes them do not gather together on Sunday, reduces the dissemination opportunity. ”

Traditional Chinese Doctor Peng indicated that, in the Chinese medicine point of view, pig flu and Sha Shitong is same diseases belongs to fever series, the symptoms including heat and the respiratory tract influence, if the resident want to prevent the infection, they must starting from build up good body immunity, by the way, many Chinese medicine decoction also has the power to protect the lung, like the "玉屏風散"and "生脈飲".

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