Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Swine flu influenza turn to mainstream

Strong army siege swine flu, the latest CHP data show that swine flu thriving Influenza A total of 78% of cases. Community outbreak of the past "flu Hutch" Brisbane-based routed H1 and H3 are respectively 2% and 19% respectively. Microbiologists bound to further expand their territory for Swine Flu, the rate of approximate 90%.

40% patients with full recovery

Dr. Ho, Director of Infection and infectious diseases Centre of University of Hong Kong explain that, in accordance with such a rapid upward trend in the ratio of swine influenza is expected next week, it will rise to 80% to 90% and promoting public hospitals by patients and shorten the days to enable them to discharge home confinement to free up beds to cope with serious cases.


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Reference Books
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